Yes, Republicans CAN Attract the Hispanic Vote

From Bob Ellis at

Mike Gonzalez has a great article from the Heritage Foundation’s Daily Signal in which he discusses 10 ways in which conservatives can appeal to Hispanics (without becoming more liberal).

One of the great things about his strategy is that it appeals to many traditional Hispanic predispositions in the first place.

  1. School choice
  2. Family formation
  3. Get them to become savers
  4. Show them how liberal policies have put them in a hole
  5. Give them a proper stake in the culture
  6. Sever the perceptive link between success and government intervention; end affirmative action
  7. End bilingual education
  8. Ask them if they want to replicate conditions that made them abandon their homeland
  9. Return to assimilationist policies
  10. Explain to them that it’s not a question of being dependent or not, but of depending on someone in your family, in your community or circle of friends, or on a government bureaucrat

Be sure to read the entire article as he expands on each of these points.

Number 4 goes along with a great book I just finished, about which you’ll hear me talk more in the future. It’s called “Take No Prisoners: The Battle Plan for Defeating the Left” by David Horowitz. And if I could, I would put a copy of it  in the hands of EVERY Republican in the world–especially the hand-wringing feckless ditzes who are running the GOP.  It points out so many of the things I’ve been saying for years…only Horowitz says it so much more eloquently, and with the resolute conviction of a former Leftist. Briefly, Horowitz says that rather than pander with liberal-lite policies (as the GOP leadership is currently doing), the Right could win the support of the country by turning the tables on the Left and pointing out how all the things the Left is peddling as good things…are actually BAD things that are very bad for them, and for America. In other words, Republicans would have to wake up, pull their heads out and realize that politics is WAR.  But more on that another time.

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