Yes, Trump is Winning on His Agenda

So much winning on the agenda to make America great again — here is the opening of an op ed by Roger Kimball at American Greatness:

Last week, I went to a dinner event at social club of which I am a member but rarely patronize. You will guess why when I tell you I ran into a friend of longstanding—someone I know well, but hadn’t seen in a couple of years—and she greeted me with the exclamation, “Here’s a Trumpster!” I could see that that was partly for the benefit of the gents she was talking to, a sort of tribal-marking announcement (“He’s one of those, boys”) but I couldn’t immediately tell whether the glint in her eye was friendly or otherwise. She soon cleared up that ambiguity. I said something about “our president.” “He’s not my president,” she snapped, adding that Donald Trump was deeply unpopular and would probably be driven from office soon.

“Actually,” I offered, “his approval ratings are on the rise.”

“So were Mussolini’s,” came the icy rejoinder.

Got it. At least I knew where we stood.

Later in the piece, Kimball includes this pretty impressive list:

[O]n the ground, in the real world, Trump is methodically pushing ahead with the agenda he campaigned on. That includes:

  • Nominating judges and justices who can be counted on to interpret and enforce the law but do not endeavor to use the law to promote their social agenda;
  • Addressing the problem of illegal immigration and securing the borders of the United States;
    Developing America’s vast energy resources;
  • Rolling back the regulatory state, especially the administrative overreach of agencies such as the Environmental Protection Agency;
  • Pursuing policies that put America, and American workers, first, not to the detriment of our relationships with our international partners but through a recognition that strength and sovereign independence make nations more reliable actors;
  • Restoring the combat readiness and morale of the United States military;
  • Simplifying the U.S. tax code, making it more competitive for U.S. businesses and more equitable for individuals;
  • Getting a handle on the unconstitutional and shockingly inefficient monstrosity ironically called the Affordable Care Act;
  • Putting a stop to the obscene violation of due process that Title IX fanatics brought to college campuses across the country.
  • And many other initiatives large and small.

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