Yet More Intolerance From the Tolerance Brigade

CultureWatchFrom Bill Muehlenberg:

OK, so another week has passed, and plenty more examples of intolerance, bullying and persecution from the homosexual militants are waiting to be documented here. We know for certain now that while these folks cry the loudest about acceptance, tolerance and diversity, they don’t really believe in any of it.

They are waging a war against anyone who dares to think differently from them, and they will not rest until all opposition is forever silenced. Not bad for a group which demands that we celebrate diversity and says that we should champion tolerance.

So let me offer you the latest examples of anti-Christian bigotry and the war against the family, masquerading as special rights for homosexuals. The first comes from the UK, where the militants have long ago co-opted the government to do their bidding. The headline says this: “Gay marriage: no opt-out for Christian registrars.”

The story begins, “Christian registrars will not be able to opt out of performing gay marriages if they object on grounds of belief, the Government’s human rights watchdog has said. In guidance to MPs, the Equalities and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) said marriage registrars were public officials and so should expect to be ‘required’ to carry out the ceremonies.”

Don’t you just love all that tolerance and acceptance of others?

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