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In Koblenz Germany, 2012, where the Moselle meets the Rhine.

About me

I am a Christian, an American citizen, and work in the arena of applied political science. Most of what is considered “political science” by modern academia is a very watered down version of the most important discipline there is. Good luck having a civilized society with a healthy economy and rising standards of living along with “liberty” as America’s Founders defined it if your political system is screwed up and not based upon an accurate understanding of human nature.

About this website

A flood of great policy research and commentary surrounds us — yet too many of our fellow citizens live in an informational drought. On a weekly basis I use this website to link to materials that need to reach a much larger audience. This site also contains the archive of what I’ve written over the years.

Few are saying what I’ve been saying for decades: the “public debate” has been awfully one-sided. Those who understand the role of Judeo-Christian morality in the development of the West as well as the vision of the Founders have mostly been (what I call) micro-communicators. They’ve delegated to the political left all of the major societal institutions that serve to convey information: The K-12 “public” (government-run) schools, “higher” ed, pop culture, and the old but dominate media. Why so many people on our side were shocked by the results of the 2008 and 2012 presidential elections is a mystery to me. What did they expect?

The conservative “press” which consists of magazines like National Review and websites like Townhall.com are mostly vehicles for conveying information to the already-converted. While that’s important, if our side isn’t going to get into serious out-reach mode the country is doomed. Americans won’t change direction if they don’t understand the right way to turn. National and state-level conservative policy organizations (think tanks and issue advocacy groups) do wonderful work, but their material reaches also only a small fraction of the audience it needs to.

All this must change. Conservatives and Republicans need a communications revolution. If all we’re going to do is complain about the Old Media’s bias while failing to construct new avenues for good information to reach the eyes and ears of our fellow citizens then we are failing to honor the sacrifices of our forebearers and leaving the next generation a country much weaker than the one we inherited.

On a parallel track the Republican Party has done a miserable job raising a standard and recruiting quality people into the political process. During my years in politics and government I have spent a good deal of time diagnosing the ills of and prescribing the cures for one of the most corrupt and ineffective party organizations in the nation — the Illinois GOP. The Illinois GOP enabled the horrendous Speakership of Dennis Hastert and gave birth to Barack Obama’s rise to the White House.

As I said above, a literal flood of great policy research and commentary surrounds us — yet too many of our fellow citizens live in an informational drought. Much of my writing has emphasized the need for our Republican elected officials to focus on moving public opinion, and the need for conservatives to stop being citizens in name only.

In addition to many years working in the private sector, I have worked in politics and government in Washington, D.C., and in Illinois at the state and local level. I am a graduate of Virginia Wesleyan College*, where I studied political science and political philosophy under two of the best — the late Dr. William M. Jones, and the late Dr. Edmund “Del” Carlson.

©2013 John Francis Biver

*The Virginia Wesleyan “Fighting Blue Marlins!”…

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