Homosexual Marriage: Following in the Footsteps of Roman Emperor Nero

GodfatherFrom Godfather Politics:

Who would have ever imagined that the Supreme Court would rule on whether homosexual marriage is a human right and a constitutional guarantee? It’s neither, but that won’t stop the nation’s highest court from saying that it is. Look what seven justices did in 1973 on the abortion issue and what five justices did in 2012 on Obamacare. They found constitutional rights where none exist. And why shouldn’t they since there is no longer a “law above the law” that governs our lives. The law is what five unelected justices say it is. Frightening.

If homosexual marriage is legitimized by the Supreme Court, the homosexual genie will be let loose. Most Americans have never seen homosexual behavior. Homosexual characters on TV and in the movies are strategically placed and their characters are sympathetically written.

Probably 95 percent of Americans have never seen a ‘Gay Pride’ parade, a homosexual website, or seedy advertisements for all things homosexual.

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