The Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman trial: Another learning moment lost by the political right

Back in April I did a post about the learning moment created by the Gosnell abortion clinic trial. This past week the verdict in the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman (TM/GZ) trial was passed down and we have yet another learning moment that our side is unequipped to take advantage of. All I need to do is take my Gosnell language and insert TM/GZ because it’s the same situation. The more you know, the better the chances you’ll understand the facts and come down on the correct side. So…let’s do it:

I’ve been clicking on headlines and skimming news articles for many days about the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman trial — several are linked below. I’m sure the flood of stories will continue and this list could get a lot longer — that is unless you only get your news from the Old Media, the education establishment, or pop culture. There, for the most part, there’s been a news blackout when it comes to the truth. That is what’s to be expected because it’s the same regarding every issue.

It is the perfect news story to look at in order to understand the mess that is America today.

Pick your issue:

  • What’s really going on in Afghanistan and why did we really went into Iraq?
  • What are the facts contained in local teacher contracts and the nature of all public employee unions?
  • How has government’s involvement in health care been a disaster since the 1940s?
  • What is marriage and the nature of homosexuality?
  • How much debt has been piled up by governments at the local, state, and federal level?
  • How many unfunded liabilities do our children and grandchildren face?
  • What is the state of the European Union and its economy and how might that impact the U.S.?
  • What are the real international threats facing us or has Obama’s presidency ushered in a peaceful new world where, as Rodney King wished, we’re all going to get along?
  • What would the price of gasoline be if our nation developed its own energy reserves and what impact would that have on our standard of living?
  • What is the real unemployment rate and how would the news media cover the current condition of the economy if Bush were still president?

I think it’s safe to say that few “low information voters” or especially young people can give any intelligent answers to the questions listed above.

As always, the basic questions are:

What are the facts? In today’s world what used to constitute science and common sense no longer does. For example, are there really two genders or can a man wake up in the morning and decide he’s really a woman? The GLBT (etc.) movement ignores science and common sense on every single aspect of their agenda.

What is the nature of the problem? Those who buy into Keynesian economics or who are outright socialists and Marxists will never agree with those who side with the Founding Fathers or the Austrian School. So not only do we have to debate the facts, but we also have to debate how things actually work. Only then can we get to the next question…

What is the best course of action going forward? Three questions, simple enough, but if none of them are adequately addressed you can quit waiting for solutions to the government-caused public policy disasters that surround us. They won’t arrive.

Which gets us back to the TM/GZ trial. There’s the old expression — “those who are ignorant of history are doomed to repeat it.” The same can be said about those who are ignorant of today’s facts and the nature of today’s problems. Without widespread understanding of these there won’t be any actual solutions enacted and this country is doomed. A nation designed by geniuses will be wrecked by idiots and the morons who elected them.

A high percentage of the public won’t learn what can be learned from the following articles because they’ll never read them. This perfect “learning moment” will be lost because our side fails to reach the unreached. Liberal Democrats and their media allies like it that way. They benefit from the continued ignorance — such as the nature of what goes on inside abortion clinics across the country on a daily basis.

The Founders knew it was all about public opinion and an informed electorate when it comes to every issue of importance.

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