3 Battlefield Tactics for Fighting Soros’ Revolution

Here is Scott Lively writing about how to counter the latest doings of the infamous George Soros:

The hard left across the globe is gearing up for a campaign of international “resistance” to the worldwide populist/nationalist/conservative revolution represented by Brexit and the election of Donald Trump. It has already started in some U.S. cities in the form of riots, but those actions and the planned mega-protest of the Trump inauguration on Jan. 20 are only to prime the pump for a much larger and more sophisticated counter-revolution. The key leaders and financiers of the left have just met with Chief Puppetmaster George Soros behind closed doors to plan the implementation of the American version of his “Color Revolutions,” which have been successful at taking down the governments of several foreign countries.

Tellingly, given the association of the color with the LGBT movement and agenda, it has already been designated the “Purple Revolution.”

The new battlefield

I more-or-less predicted the Trump candidacy back in 2009.

And in May 2016 I predicted Mr. Trump’s election if Christians could broaden our “values voter” mentality to embrace populist issues (which we did in historic numbers).

I also more-or-less predicted the Purple Revolution in my October 2016 columns “The Borking of Donald Trump” Part 1 and Part 2.

Now I’d like to make a few predictions about the Purple Revolution before offering my suggestions for how to counter it.

First, the leftist campaign will have both domestic and global components. I will address the global components in a future article, but discuss the domestic component here. That domestic campaign will be multifaceted and involve:

1. An army of faceless anarchists engaged in civil disobedience and property destruction on an “anti-fascism” theme. (Imagine the explosion of street violence in the late 1960s but employing “social justice” rather than anti-war rhetoric – like Black Lives Matter but bigger and broader). This is designed to terrorize the public but also to deliberately provoke police reactions that can be documented on film and edited to misrepresent the police as Brownshirt-style fascists.

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Image credit: Photographer Harald Dettenborn / Wikipedia.