3 Steps to Hostile Takeover of America

Here are David and Jason Benham writing at BarbWire.com about the mechanics of the information war that conservatives need to learn:

Today’s aggressive secular revolution has left no stone unturned as the agenda to takeover America is advancing at breakneck speed.

Behind it all we’ve discovered a three-step strategy that’s implemented across every “issue” the revolution exploits for its purpose. And yes, the revolution exploits issues, because the issue is never truly the issue – it’s the revolution.

The “issues” simply create the controversy among the people so those pushing the agenda can overthrow the “system” and rebuild a new one – without God and individual rights, thus creating a new form of government controlled by secular elites. There’s a lot more to it, but that’s how we explain the revolution in a sentence.

And the method behind the madness to exploit issues from abortion and LGBT rights to race relations and even immigration, is the utilization of a three-step strategy:

  • Frame
  • Facilitate
  • Fracture

The first step is to frame the issue. Next is to facilitate support. And the final move is to fracture dissent. Those pushing for the hostile takeover of America have systematically implemented these steps.

So let’s take a deeper look at each point.

Frame the issue: When framing an issue you have to first create the conflict and then define the terms.

In “Rules for Radicals,” one of today’s playbooks for the revolution, Saul Alinsky teaches, “In the beginning the organizer’s first job is to create the issues or problems.”

In Charlotte, we saw this firsthand as our City Council passed the transgender bathroom bill, although not one legal case of discrimination could be found in our city against transgenders or homosexuals. So the ordinance was based on a “problem” that didn’t exist.

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Image credit: www.barbwire.com.