Don’t Let Cultural Freeloaders Steal The Seeds Of Western Civilization

Republicans and conservatives had better wake up and start reaching more of their fellow citizens with information like what Matthew Cochran writes in this excerpted article, or things will never stabilize let alone improve, and the future will not be good for the next generations:

We must ensure that immigrants become what makes us the civilization they aspire to benefit from, rather than unwitting destroyers of its bounty.

Many Value Our Wealth, But Not the Ideas that Create It

It is unfortunate that such logic—so obvious when it comes to agriculture—has been lost among both the Left and the Right regarding mass migration. Like an abundance of food, the kind of prosperity that attracts people to the West is not accidental. It grew out of our traditions of placing restrictions on the reach of government, allowing relatively broad personal freedoms, and the sensible morality of Christendom that ultimately separated such freedom from chaos. This is the seed corn of Western civilization, and we dare not consume it.

Merely moving a human being from one location to another does not teach him those traditions—not to uphold them, value them, or even know them. The large subset of migrants who come simply to benefit from the prosperity that our traditions have created do so immediately; and for the narrower subset who are truly in dire straits, this is not only understandable but right and proper.

Nevertheless, even if they may benefit, they are usually not initially equipped to contribute to the West’s traditions of prosperity. They are more likely to weaken them. Different cultures have different customs, along with different expectations of neighbors, communities, and governments. Many of these will be at odds with those that made the West a desirable destination, and many of them will be the very same customs that made their own society a place they wanted leave.

Most Immigrants Are Accustomed to Socialism

For example, tens of millions of migrants from countries such as Mexico, where two of the three major political parties belong to Socialist International, are bound to impact a country like the United States, where the leftmost major party still has to be cagey about its socialist tendencies. Whether one views that impact as positive or negative depends on his view of socialism, but the patterns are undeniable.

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