5 Sure Signs that America has Gone Mad

Here’s Dr. Michael Brown:

If you needed proof that America has lost it corporate mind, here are 5 compelling examples.

1. In New York City, Cooper Union College has decided to remove all “gender markings” from its bathrooms.

As reported by The Guardian, “Last fall, the oldest building on the Cooper Union campus underwent a sudden renovation. A group of students, agitating for their transgender classmates, stripped the words ‘men’ and ‘women’ off the doors of the Foundation Building’s restrooms.”

But rather than discipline the unruly students, “the Cooper Union administration this month moved to remove the gender designations from all the bathrooms on campus by taking down the rest of the men’s and women’s signage from bathrooms.”

Goodbye men’s and women’s bathrooms!

The school’s website is actually boasting about all this, with the homepage headline declaring, “DE-GENDERED RESTROOMS ATTRACT INTERNATIONAL ATTENTION.”

2. In Illinois, a Christian businessman has been fined $80,000 for his faith, and that’s just the beginning.

Writing for the Illinois Family Institute, Laurie Higgins explains that, “Another Christian business-owner has been persecuted for his faith. Jim Walder, owner of an Illinois bed and breakfast, has been fined $80,000 by the Illinois ‘Human Rights’ junta (also known as the Illinois Human Rights Commission) for refusing to rent his facility to homosexual couple Todd and Mark Wathen for their civil union ceremony.”

I recall reading somewhere that religious liberty was one of the very foundations of our nation, but hey, that was a long time ago and this is today, right?

Higgins continues, “Even more outrageous, the Illinois Human Rights Commission has ordered that Jim Walder ‘[o]ffer the Wathens access to the facility, within one year, for an event celebrating their civil union.’ You read that right. This unelected, quasi-governmental commission has mandated that Jim Walder not only pay a fine for not accepting a request that violated his religious beliefs but also to offer to violate his religious beliefs. Such a mandate clearly violates Mr. Walder’s constitutionally protected religious liberty.”

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