A 2013 Conservative Call to Arms

Excerpts from an excellent article by Rob Cunningham at American Thinker:

In 2013, conservatives can offer no greater tribute of respect to our Founding Fathers and our fellow citizens than to resolve, from this day forward, to relentlessly expose, ridicule, deride, mock and publicly shame arrogant progressives in a manner that, for the first time in our adult lifetimes, communicates this one undeniable founding truth: America was never supposed to be this way.

The progressive left’s ultimate weapon of choice in emasculating America’s strength has clearly and undeniably been outed as radical debt accumulation. Progressives have masterfully promoted the toxic falsehood that infinite government money, services, and benefits exist simply for the asking, restricted only by evil Republicans, greedy conservatives, business charlatans, religious fundamentalists, and homophobic, racist members of the Tea Party. Inept GOP politicians have long served as perfect foils in the progressive movement’s war against our Constitution, private property rights, and individual liberties.


Conservatism will grow in popularity at roughly the same rate we publicly demonstrate communication skills that effectively expose the falsehoods, lies, distortions and perversions upon which politicians, Democrat and Republican alike, and media elites operate their empires of control. Leadership in today’s political environment will require an ability to blunt the progressive left’s neverending effort to demonize conservatives, distort reality, and distract voters from engaging in honest debate.

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