Advice for ‘Extending Your Views Beyond Yourself’

A few articles to consider…(I’ll add to this list as I come across new ones) — newest are up top:

C.S. Lewis and the Art of Disagreement
The fact that Lewis could approve of atheists like Ryle, as well as enjoy the company of liberals like Watson and socialists like Lawlor, reinforces Brewer’s point that Lewis would not allow disagreement to become personal.

Disagree With Family on Politics? Here’s the Only Advice You Need for Thanksgiving
It’s not that complicated.

The Dos and Don’ts of Talking Liberty
The future of freedom and liberty depends on our ability to convey the immeasurable benefit of freedom.

Why You Should Stop Trying To Change People’s Minds
Today on our televisions, radios, and social media the take-all approach dominates. There is very little room for synthesis, a moment that requires intellectual clarity.

The Power of Making Friends with Ideological Enemies
Daryl Davis can be a model for how to change people’s minds.

Hostility Won’t Change Hearts and Minds
Fixing our public dialogue starts with understanding how vitriol hinders, rather than helps, our ability to advance our chosen causes.

Check Your Ideological Blind Spot
Kling argues that our political discourse is dysfunctional because we look at the world through lenses that our political opponents do not share.

How to Win Friends and Influence People (on Social Media)
The tendency to disengage is strong, but for the sake of our relationships, we can’t. So the question is, how do we remain good stewards of our social media profiles and defend our principles?

3 Steps to Become a Better Communicator in 2017
“To communicate well is to run the world … ”

Restoring Real Debate in the Public Square
Even conservatives have shamed dissenters — it’s time to relearn the fine art of civil disagreement.

How Not to Sell Your Policies to the Public
Too many politicians have become addicted to empty, buzzword-filled rhetoric.

To Be Ideologically Persuasive, Don’t Be a Jerk
If we want people to value our ideas, we have to get them to value us as individuals first.