American Recessional: Declining U.S. influence may be inevitable, but the world won’t be better off

NRO2From Victor Davis Hanson:

What will the world begin to look like as the global sheriff backs out of the world saloon with both guns holstered? […]

The world is full of hot spots… […]

We lament the terrible American losses in blood and treasure in tribal Afghanistan and Iraq. But privately, radical Islamists acknowledge that the U.S. military killed thousands of jihadists in both countries — and hope never to see U.S. troops on the battlefield again.

Of course, a country that can neither budget the necessary money nor maintain the will to oversee the international peace has no business continuing to try.

But in our relief from the vast costs and burdens of maintaining the postwar global order, we might at least acknowledge the truth, past and present: Just as the world was a far better place after 1945 because of an engaged United States, so it will probably become a much worse place because of an increasingly absent America.

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