America’s Crisis Isn’t What You Think

Ever heard of the Frankfurt School? Few people have because Republicans and conservatives don’t fight the information war.

Here is part of the introductory sentence of the above titled article by D.C. McAllister: “We don’t have a policy crisis. We have a moral crisis.” Here’s an excerpt:

But what is the true nature of [this] crisis? Is it a fiscal crisis? A security crisis? A constitutional crisis? It’s all of these, but so much more. “The crisis in which the United States of America currently finds itself enmeshed is a moral crisis, which has engendered a crisis of cultural confidence, which in turn has begotten a fiscal crisis that threatens—no, guarantees—the destruction of the nation should we fail to address it,” Walsh writes.

This is an important point, because if you don’t see the crisis as a battle between good and evil—a moral crisis, as Walsh explains, that has been created by Leftist German philosophies (Hegel, Marx, Frankfurt School), subverting our culture by luring us into thinking there is no battle between good and evil (only a synthesis of both).

The battle between good and evil is real. We have a political party that chooses to kill millions of babies in the womb and calls it good; violates our Constitution through executive action; makes unholy deals with our enemies and puts our allies at risk; takes money from corporate cronies to increase its power; lies about the deaths of Americans on foreign soil; spends our children’s future with impunity; opens our borders to our enemies; inserts the federal government into our schools, our healthcare, our property, and our homes; mocks our values and traditions; treats everyday Americans (the Tea Party) as if they’re terrorists while treating terrorists (the Muslim Brotherhood) as if they’re everyday Americans; sacrifices religious liberty on the altar of marriage equality; perpetuates the lie that climate change is the greatest threat to our society, robbing our nation of its sovereignty; and cares more about feeding the monster administrative state than nourishing individual liberty.

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Image credit: Tami Jackson photography.