Another newspaper calls it like we see it

By John Biver
We don’t remember an election cycle where so many newspapers wrote so many sour things about an Illinois race for governor. There is no question that we’re not alone in its seeing the value in a vote for “none of the above.”


Here’s what the Northwest Indiana Times had to say (their headline sounds like a line from our radio ads):

Whoever wins in governor’s race, Illinois will be the loser 


The issue: Illinois governor’s race
Our opinion: The choices are so lousy, we cannot in good conscience endorse anyone this time.

This story ran on on Sunday, October 29, 2006 12:04 AM CDT


Gov. Rod Blagojevich and Judy Baar Topinka are taking so many potshots at each other

 that voters are right to want to duck.

The major candidates in the race have plenty of ammunition, too… The mud being slung back and forth on the ethics issue is a big black eye against both of the major candidates…

Blagojevich is adamant about not raising taxes if re-elected; Topinka says she would try very hard not to do so but can’t promise not to. That’s a red flag.

From our perspective on the border, it is easy to see the effect of Illinois taxes. That’s what drives so many across the border to purchase goods and services — and often homes — in Indiana.

Blagojevich says the state should be more aggressive in taking over failing school districts; Topinka wants to do so only in extreme cases.

Both candidates want to pump billions of dollars into education over the next four years. But they must make sure the taxpayers get their money’s worth from the schools. Major improvements are needed, and the schools, administrators and faculty must be held accountable to fair standards…

Medill News Service reports that Nick Panagakis, president of Market Shares Corp., said his polling shows 51 percent of voters were dissatisfied with the candidates in this race.

So are we.

The choices are so lousy, we cannot in good conscience endorse anyone this time.