Another pillar of the Democrats goes wobbly

Thomas Lifson is the editor of one of the best sites on the web — here he is writing about the wobbly condition of the previously vaunted Democratic Party (which too few conservatives know about):

The crisis of the Democrats deepens as the foundations of their power continue to crumble. Far more than the Republicans, the power of the Democratic Party rests on its domination of various major institutions in American society: the media, government bureaucracies, academia, and labor unions most prominently. Without the constant exercise of power on its behalf by insiders in these spheres, the Democrats’ share of the vote would decline by an unknown but probably measurable degree. Money, propaganda, information and ideas, and manpower flow from these institutions to help the Democrats.

Yet each of these institutional spheres faces a crisis. The mainstream media’s influence remains substantial, but is in constant decline, with the newspaper industry leading the way down the tube. The “higher education bubble,” to use the expression coined by Professor (and blogger) Glenn Reynolds, stays inflated only by vast subsidy and shaky loans, causing a generation to become indentured to their education debt. Burlington College, run by Bernie Sanders’s wife Jane, no longer exists, due to risky borrowing aimed at funding expansion, a problem that is very widespread, and which resembles the problems of individual students and the industry as a whole.

Labor unions, though representing a declining share of the national workforce, continue to generate vast political contributions for the Democrats. Industrial unions like the United Auto Workers and United Steel Workers chose to pursue compensation packages that have gutted the level of employment of their members, and driven production overseas, so their ability to keep Democrats in power is declining, though substantial. It is only among government workers that unions are growing.

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