Another Week, Another Batch of ‘Acceptance and Diversity’

From Bill Muehlenberg at Culture Watch:

Yes, it has been at least a week since my last instalment on the ‘tolerance brigade’. Simply wait a few days and a whole new batch of examples of how these guys operate comes to light, demonstrating how very much they are into acceptance, diversity, and freedom.

You can always count on them to show us yet again how accommodating, how loving, and how open-minded they are. The truth is, the homosexual activists are simply bullies who are bent on forcing everyone to acquiesce to their agenda or face the music.

And of course these are the same guys who implore all of us to be into tolerance and to recognise differences! Yeah right, tell us more about how you are into acceptance and differences of opinion. Tell us more about how you champion the right of everyone to think as they choose to. Tell us more about how you stand up for genuine diversity.

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