Why the anti-Trump forces must not win

Here is David Zukerman writing at American Thinker about the anti-Trump forces:

Above all, they — the anti-Trump forces — are liars, aggrandizing liars interested solely in their personal ambitions. They don’t have a patriotic fibula in their bodies.

Assertions by his enemies that President Trump intends to smash democracy in America – as a statue in Baltimore honoring Christopher Columbus was smashed to bits the other day? – are the ravings of embittered people capable, alas, of vicious behavior. Has anyone heard or read about condemnations of “Antifa” violence? Instead, these thugs are lauded by the left. Why should the totalitarian media report the actual outrages of the anti-Trump forces when lies, smears, and distortions about the duly elected president of the United States more directly serve their purpose: establishing anti-democratic government to keep us “deplorables” in our place?

What next? Is Washington, D.C. to be the site of a Maidan-style protest of the type utilized in Ukraine to end the presidency of Viktor Yanukovych? Why not? The anti-Trump forces – doing the bidding of the swamp creatures – have the quasi-totalitarian media working at full speed to impose 1984-style disinformation on the country. It should not be difficult for the totalitarian media to ignore leftist violence for the purpose of sending Republican members of Congress scurrying to Capitol Hill to do leftist bidding: overthrow the duly elected government of the United States. (Already erased from recent memory is the terrible shooting of Rep. Steve Scalise by…hint: it wasn’t a white supremacist.) The editorial in the New York Times on August 20, “The Failing Trump Presidency,” was candid enough to spend, in addition to its lies about the president, several paragraphs citing the president’s policy differences with the heavy-handed practice of government favored by leftists like the publisher of the Times.

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Image credit: Cartoon by A.F. Branco.