Author Michael Walsh: There’s Nothing Liberals Won’t Attack, Smear And Demean

Michael Walsh is calling on the right to go on the attack — of course he’s right to call for that. Too bad there isn’t much chance of it until the right learns to fight seriously in the information war. Here’s the beginning of the text from the post — follow the link to read the entire article. The video is embedded below.

Author Michael Walsh is an unabashed fan of Western culture because it is “the foundation for medical, scientific, moral and intellectual progress.” And in his latest book “The Devil’s Pleasure Palace,” Walsh spells out the “cold civil war” being waged by the Left to erode our long-standing pillars and bring about a new revolutionary utopia.

As a journalist for Time magazine, a music critic, screenwriter and author, Walsh has a unique take on our American cultural and political battles. His latest book, the basis for this video interview with The Daily Caller News Foundation, weaves together art, music, literature and culture with our modern day politics.

Walsh warns the left will “preach X, but deliver Y — just as Satan tempts you with what appears to be the pleasures of the flesh and kills you with the same back draft from the indulgence in these sins.”

He says “the Left is protected by our own cultural ignorance,” as educators have left our culture “defenseless against the lures of the left.” He points to Detroit as a clear and disastrous example of the progressive charade that transformed a prosperous city to one that “looks worse than Berlin after the war.”

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