Too Bad There is Almost Zero Innovation in Politics

If it weren’t for Donald Trump there’d be almost no identifiable innovation in the political process. Here are just two posts about a couple of the countless things going on in the private sector economy. And of course, government, which is the product of a no-innovation political system, hates it and seeks to regulate it to death.

Uber Is Even Better When You’re Traveling

Uber is great at home, but even more useful when far from home.

If you have ever traveled in a country where you don’t speak the dominant language, you may well appreciate how huge these benefits are. Just notice how many problems Uber solves, problems that people, often with good reason, have worried about when traveling abroad:

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DC Takes Aim at Airbnb, Hits Existing Rental Industry
Regulating the Sharing Economy Could Kill Traditional Small Businesses

Washington, DC’s new regulations on Airbnb and similar businesses could end up killing off old-fashioned bed-and-breakfasts.

The hotel industry and hotel worker unions have lobbied hard for the DC bill.

Airbnb, the service that allows owners to rent out homes or rooms short term, has been a godsend for many travelers, enabling them to enjoy quality stays in cities where hotels are either too expensive or too seedy. Yet, using homes for short-term rentals does create some problems, which many local governments are seeking to address by regulating this new industry under existing laws that don’t really apply.

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