Breaking: American Moral Crusader Arrested, Denied Entry into Canada

By Brian Fitzpatrick, Managing Editor,

EXCLUSIVE — In a serious violation of freedom of speech and conscience, American social conservative leader Peter LaBarbera has been denied entry into Canada.

LaBarbera’s trip to Canada for a speaking engagement has been vociferously opposed by Canadian pro-homosexual activists, who mounted a campaign to force the annual conference of the Saskatchewan Pro-life Association to withdraw LaBarbera’s invitation.

“I expected this would happen,” said LaBarbera, founder and president of Americans for Truth about Homosexuality (AFTAH).  “A group called ‘Intolerance Free Weyburn’ has been lobbying the Ministry of Public Safety to block my entry into Canada ever since they found out I had been invited to speak.”

After being detained briefly by the Canadian Border Services Agency in Regina International Airport, Saskatchewan, LaBarbera was released into the custody of Bill Whatcott, a prominent Canadian pro-traditional morals activist.

Whatcott LaBarbera

Whatcott (left) and LaBarbera at Regina International Airport

LaBarbera’s appeal of the CBSA decision is scheduled to be heard at noon, Saskatchewan time, by Penelope Ulmer, the superintendent for the CBSA at the Regina airport.

Whatcott is asking supporters to pray, and to “call Chris Alexander, Minister of Education and let him know Christians like Peter who preach truth, and certainly not so-called “hate” should be allowed into Canada to share his wisdom with Canadians.”  Whatcott said Alexander’s email address is: [email protected], and his phone number is 613-995-8042

LaBarbera told BarbWire that Canadian border agents met him at the airport when his flight arrived late Thursday night and searched him thoroughly.

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