The Sickened, Stale, and Worn Out Narratives of the Left

Here is David Prentice:

It’s safe to say Americans on the right are sickened by the same old tired playbook of the left.

Let’s face it: using the race card, the gender card, the “stupid” card, the insensitive card, the tax cuts for the rich card, and the “green” card has worked for them. They have had more than a compliant media; they have had a collusive media that has agreed with the Democrat elites every day for decades, helping them form these nasty narratives about half of the country’s population. It’s one of the reasons we ended up with a shell-shocked Republican Party that became ashamed of its own beliefs and its own supporters.

They became Stockholm syndrome Republicans, incapable of putting up a good fight against these lying, conniving, greedy leftists who stopped long ago caring about whether what they did legislatively, with the courts, or with regulation from the control of Washington bureaucracies actually had a good effect on America. They weren’t helping to make a better country. The Democratic Party became power-hungry, caring only if they stayed in power, not whether they were doing the right thing. Unfortunately, too many in the GOP succumbed to this siren song and joined them.

The Trump revolution broke this chain, with its head brilliantly winning against all odds, staging a massive upset. The left, rather than learn something about themselves, devolved into full petulant toddlers, moaning, whining, shrieking, needing therapy – all the things we’ve watched since they lost. They have been pitiful, doubling down on their now failing Alinsky playbook. Watching their meltdown has been revealing.

Not only are they melting down on college campuses, but their adult voters have failed to step forward to stop their leaders from making total fools of themselves. Heck, their leaders, including their failed president, are running around making silly excuses for their loss, each of which has shown to be preposterous. The latest: the Russians “hacked” the election. That carefully crafted way of phrasing this peculiar (and preposterous) talking point should say it all.

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