Climate Change Is Real. Too Bad Accurate Climate Models Aren’t.

A sense of humor isn’t an option if you’re a political conservative these days — it’s so often better to laugh than to cry at the insanity of the left. Sean Davis has a post up at The Federalist with the above title, and Mr. Davis has a little fun with a serious news story:

The Obama Administration released a new report on global cooling global warming climate change this week, and its findings and recommendations are about what you’d expect: conservatives are stupidheads who hate Science™, so give us eleventy trillion dollars.

Davis then gets to the facts:

Unfortunately, climate models — ones that can accurately and consistently predict global temperatures in the not-so-distant future — simply don’t exist in the present. Indeed, for a group that so nakedly appeals to the authority of “consensus,” the faith-based global warming alarmist movement is shockingly impervious to the consensus of actual data

He continues:

I’ll see your “95 percent of scientists believe in global warming” talking point and raise you a “95 percent of reality thinks your climate models are garbage.” According to that chart of actual satellite and surface temperature observations vs. what was predicted by 90 different climate models, 95 percent of models overestimated actual temperatures. Nothing says Science™ like predicting stuff incorrectly over and over and over again.

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Another guy with a good sense of humor is radio talk show host Mark Levin — in the following video he interviews James M. Taylor from Heartland Institute on recent climate change report…