CNN Is a Disgrace, and Don Lemon Is a Huge Problem

CNN is a disgrace — here is Peter Heck:

Perfect. It was perfect. What Don Lemon, one of the most unscrupulous actors posing as a journalist on television today, did to a black minister live on television last week stands as the perfect depiction of why people hate the media, why the president’s punches against them always land so forcefully, and why his employer CNN is cratering to what seems like unsustainably low ratings.

It was also perfect that not long before, CNN’s resident “senior media reporter” Oliver Darcy had criticized Fox News’ resident loudmouth Tomi Lahren for “reprehensible commentary.” I’ve never been one to defend Tomi’s cartoonish performances, but to borrow from Jesus, Darcy might want to first concentrate on removing the gigantic plank in his network’s own eye before concentrating on Fox’s speck.

If you haven’t heard about Lemon’s historically disgraceful ambush, you need to. Because, particularly coming on the heels of his absurd, “What do you say to those Trump voters who prioritize the economy over the president’s bigotry” debate question, it represents all that is bad in journalism today.

Under the guise of being sincerely interested in the Coalition of African American pastors meeting with President Trump to discuss efforts to aid so-called communities of color, Don Lemon walked the group’s founder into a left-wing ambush. The only thing Lemon cared about was getting Pastor Bill Owens to criticize Donald Trump and call him a racist.

It wasn’t an effort to report the news, to analyze an event, or to provide viewers with a deeper understanding of what is affecting their world. It was a naked attempt to inflame racial tensions, and if the minister didn’t play along, to embarrass and humiliate him.

As any man of God would, Owens stayed true to his purpose and refused to take the bait. As he tried to discuss the problems facing minority citizens, Lemon persistently cut him off repeatedly begging the question in deplorable and disgraceful ways…

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