CNN previews the unbelievable pro-Hillary bias it will be pushing

Republicans and conservatives are constantly caught flat-footed when it comes to the negative power of media bias. In this article, Thomas Lifson outlines in clear terms what we have to look forward to this fall. Will Republicans and conservatives finally learn how to fight the information war?

The presidential race that is shaping up will be a landmark for American media, exceeding even the pro-Obama bias of 2008 and 2012 – something that would have seemed impossible at the time of those races. But that was before Donald Trump and Ted Cruz became the likely alternatives for the GOP nomination. Each man, in his own way, is anathema to the progressives in the media, while Hillary Clinton evokes nothing but warm protectiveness, especially from female neoprogs.

In a remarkable display of a complete lack of self-awareness, Carol Costello of CNN shamelessly prodded a pro-Sanders guest three times to say that Sanders should now “cool it” and stop attacking Hillary Clinton. David Rutz of the Free Beacon captured the moment:

Previewing her segment with Clinton supporter Maria Cardona and Sanders backer Jonathan Tasini, Costello brought up the continued contentious rhetoric between the two campaigns and pointed out Donald Trump had quoted Sanders’ charges that Clinton was not “qualified” to be president.

“So, Jonathan, should Bernie Sanders cool it with the attacks?” Costello asked.

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Image credit: Cartoon by A.F. Branco.