Too conservative to vote for Trump?

There are many facets of the information war — and as I write often, our side doesn’t fail to provide a ton of excellent ammunition. In a short post at American Thinker, Greg Richards provides an impressive list of subjects and then writes:

Donald Trump has brought all these subjects before the public in the public space and has absorbed all the calumny from liberal institutions and from many “conservatives” for doing so. That is, until they realize that the public is with him on these issues.

And now “conservatives” who have stood idly by while Obama has been transforming the country cannot bring themselves to support Trump because…they are upset at his campaigning techniques? Is that it? “Conservatives” are too fastidious?

The list? Here it is:

  • Have there been hearings with doctors testifying to retiring because of Obamacare? No.
  • Have there been hearings of middle Americans effectively losing their health insurance because of the huge increase in deductibles? No.
  • Have there been hearings of parents of children killed by illegal immigrants? No.
  • Have there been hearings of relatives of people killed by jihadis? No.
  • Have there been hearings on the impact of those immigrants who want to replace the Constitution with the Koran? No.
  • Have there been hearings of people who have been replaced by immigrants in their jobs? No.
  • Have there been hearings of college graduates who cannot find jobs? No.
  • Have there been hearings on the budget? No.
  • Have there been hearings on Common Core, highlighting what is in it? No.
  • Have there been press conferences by Republican leaders with a whiteboard showing the size of the deficit and the growth of the federal debt? No.
  • Have conservatives used the powerful positions gained by Republican majorities first in the House and then in the Senate to advance conservative ideas; to educate the public in the destruction caused by liberal policies; in short, to advance the conservative argument? No.

Certainly food for thought — too bad it will be rationalized away by the NeverTrumpers.

You can read Greg Richards’ post at American Thinker.

Image credit: Screen shot of the Drudge Report.