Conservatives Need to Re-establish Control of Party and Nation

From David Limbaugh:

I am concerned that certain Republicans just can’t take yes for an answer. To borrow an old adage, they can’t handle prosperity — with prosperity being defined as the voters rejecting Obama’s agenda (and thereby embracing theirs).

This is partly because of the fact that many grass-roots conservatives mistakenly believe that their only obstacle to moving a conservative agenda forward in Washington is the so-called Republican establishment — GOP centrist politicians and their institutional supporters. But I believe it’s more than that.

It’s not just these GOP congressmen, the party organizations, the party fundraising groups and right-leaning pollsters, few and far between as they are, that stand in the way of a mainstream conservative agenda. It’s also a great segment of influential Beltway conservative pundits and commentators. And it’s a substantial percentage of Republican voters, some of whose loyalty is stronger to the party than to conservative policy, and others who are just dazzled and deceived by the moderate punditry and the seductive wooing of Republican incumbents who sidle up to constituents during campaign season and pretend to be far more conservative than they are.

That is, Reagan conservatives mustn’t believe our battle is only with great swaths of the Republican ruling class and its enablers, as formidable as they are. There are also plenty of Republican voters who consider themselves more moderate than grass-roots conservatives and who believe that the magic formula for Republican victories is a concerted move to the middle, which, they say, is solely a matter of strategy and does not represent any disagreement they have with conservatives on policy.

But the ugly secret is that it’s not just a matter of electoral pragmatism for many of them. No, these people actually disagree with us on substantive policy issues; they aren’t nearly so conservative as mainstream Reagan conservatives. They either believe or are sympathetic to the media hype from both sides of the aisle, for example, that Sarah Palin is a nuisance, that Sen. Ted Cruz is an extremist, that Republicans should moderate their position on immigration and that Republicans shouldn’t so strongly oppose Obamacare, and the federal entitlement structure, which is sure to bankrupt this nation if we don’t change it.

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