Debating Donald Trump’s Immigration Plan

The intramural GOP combat has moved back to the issues. We can thank Donald Trump for this. It’s his immigration plan that is causing some heads to explode. Others, though, thoughtfully consider what The Donald has to say about The Border, etc.

First — a few links — then an important excerpt from a recent Victor Davis Hanson post on the topic. Hanson has written one book about immigration, Mexifornia, and contributed to another, The Immigration Solution: A Better Plan Than Today’s. While I’m not sure I agree with him in his analysis of Trump’s plan, there’s no way to argue with him about his awful experience dealing with illegal immigrants in California.

Here are the links, first con, then pro, then con, then pro, an interesting article about the cost of illegals, and then VDH:

Trump’s Immigration Plan Is Hardcore Porn For Nativists
The billionaire’s immigration positions are as ludicrous as they are destructive.
By David Harsanyi

Trump’s Plan To End Birthright Citizenship Isn’t That Crazy
It’s not insane. It’s not stupid. It’s about principles of sovereignty, rule of law, and ordered immigration.
By D.C. McAllister

Donald Trump’s Clown Immigration Plan
Donald Trump’s clown immigration plan doesn’t say how he’ll do anything, just that he’ll do it. Make America Great again!
By Ben Domenech

Critics Miss How Well Trump’s Deportation Plan Actually Could Work
Donald Trump has laid out the bare bones of a deportation plan that has an excellent chance of working well.
By Thomas Lifson

Report: Every Deported Illegal Household Saves Taxpayers More Than $700,000

Here’s VDH:

The debate over illegal immigration has radically changed in direct proportion to the growth of the illegal resident population to well over 11 million people. Jeb Bush implied that elements of illegal immigration are an act of love. Perhaps that is true for millions of illegal aliens, who work hard and for little pay, and usually do not violate further state and federal laws. I see them every day.

But not all foreign nationals from Mexico and Central America do that.

One would accept Bush’s blanket generalization only if he had the clout or capital to be exempt from the ramifications of his own ideology. When a car zoomed into the barnyard last night and tossed out a brood of puppies (twice now in one month), and when last week a man threw wet garbage from his pickup next to my mailbox (full of Spanish language magazines, diapers, and used baby clothes), and when last month someone stole my pickup (found by police abandoned and damaged in a Fresno alleyway, with Mexican beer, food, and Spanish-language ads inside), and when two weeks ago a non-English speaker came in the driveway looking for trailers of prostitution (caravanas) down the road, I felt that they all had expressed little love for animals, the environment, or young women, or for that matter themselves — or me.

In other words, I sensed no act of love.

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