Democrats demand I.D.s for everything but voting

Here is Eric Utter:

Democrats and their fellow oligarchs in Corporate America demand a bachelor’s degree before granting an interview for any worthwhile job.

We live in a hyper-credentialed society. Little girls need a government-granted license to sell lemonade at their sidewalk stands. One must provide a valid photo I.D. and be vetted by the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS)—and possibly be subject to a several-day waiting period — to purchase a firearm. One must present a current, valid photo I.D. to cash a check, or buy a loaf of bread, a six-pack of beer, or pack of smokes at a grocery store. Want to board a plane? I.D. please. And probably soon, a vaccine I.D.

But one should never have to be troubled to identify oneself to vote for the most powerful person on earth, say Democrats. That would be racist!

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Image credit: American Greatness.