Dems’ Rejection of Mueller’s Exoneration of Trump Endangers our Republic

Too bad so few Americans understand that it endangers our republic — and note the paragraphs I highlighted. Here is Karin McQuillan:

Old pols like Pelosi and Schumer and Biden surely knew the accusations that President Trump was a traitor, working hand in glove with Putin, were absurd and unfounded.  In throwing their lot in with those accusing Donald Trump of being a traitor, they betrayed their country, their voters, the rule of law, and the foundations of our republican form of government.

Their rejection of the Mueller exoneration was fore-ordained.  They cannot and will not return to normal politics.

The information that the Russia collusion investigation was based on Team Hillary’s oppo research was soon known.  We quickly learned that Comey hid that vital information from the FISA court.  We learned that the Obama DOJ and intelligence agencies went beyond eavesdropping, to blatant entrapment efforts.   Revelations on the dirty work of Susan Rice, Clapper and Brennan, Rosenstein, followed swiftly.

Mark Levin, in a must-see take-down of Mueller on Fox and Friends, asks “How can you talk about Russia interfering in our election and ignore the Hillary Clinton campaign, and the DNC, and the senior level FBI that’s been wiped out by their own conduct? How in the world can you do that and not interview Barack Obama and Susan Rice and all the rest of them?”

Levin’s question, of course, answers itself:  the entire Resistance and Mueller investigation has been a cover-up for Barack Obama’s role in the under-handed campaign to take down President Trump with dirty tricks.

Any person of ordinary intelligence could see that spying on Trump and pretending he was a traitor was a multi-faceted project of the Obama administration. The leaks purporting to tag Trump as a traitor are a very crude, very wide trail leading straight to Obama’s highest appointees.

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