Descendant of Christopher Columbus Weighs in on Ancestor’s Legacy


A news release:

A descendant of Christopher Columbus and the Aztec emperor Montezuma wrote an opinion piece for USA Today that defends the contributions of his Italian ancestor and advocates a more nuanced understanding of American history.

“Columbus did something incredible reaching the Bahamas on board three small ships,” writes Mr. Columbus. “He brought together two continents that didn’t know of one another’s existence. For the first time in history, the world acquired a truly global perspective.”

Other key points from Mr. Columbus’s commentary include:

Anti-Columbus arguments use “Anglo-supremacist propaganda that paints all who sailed under the Spanish flag — or were Hispanic — as violent and untrustworthy.”

Spain’s kings gave Spanish citizenship to, and restricted enslavement of, Native Americans. Spain also built schools and churches for Native Americans.

Contrary to anti-Columbus propaganda, “the ample evidence [suggests] that he was a moderating force on his men, and . . . that he sought to keep good manners and friendly relations with Native Americans.”
Christopher Columbus XX, a biographer of his namesake, is the 18th Duke of Veragua.

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