Dispatches: Articles on The Information War

Week 1: Introduction…

If conservatives want to save the country they must learn how to reach the uninformed with the facts

People are not being reached; really, they’re not

Mustering the idle army for the political “information war”

The way to correct abuses of constitutional power

Week 2: How it needs to work…

The GOP and conservatives must shift into full outreach mode

Republican and conservative outreach failures have created “a farce, a tragedy, or both”

George Washington and Patrick Henry scold today’s Republicans and conservatives

Practical steps towards a conservative communications revolution

Unanswered lies and misinformation results in lost hearts and minds

When our side doesn’t fight their side gets away with lying about murder

The success of the political left depends upon the ignorance of Americans

Week 3: Liberal rich people are smarter than conservative rich people…

Liberal wealthy people are smarter than conservative wealthy people

More evidence that liberal wealthy people are smarter than conservative wealthy people

Conservative and libertarian wealthy people are slow learners

Political lessons to be learned by conservative and libertarian rich people

The left fights – our side must learn how to

Conservative and libertarian wealthy people should only fund fighters in the information war

Our side doesn’t understand what political power is or where it comes from

Week 4: The lack of vision of our elected officials…

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington v. The Invisible Man

Small ball v. making an impact

Public opinion leaders v. the hired help

Where’s Waldo? State legislators and their caucuses

The Right Honorable (and Useless) members of congress

Week 5: Individual and organizational mistakes…

The rise and fall of the “tea party”

Create the tea party group and they will come – except they don’t

“All that’s needed in politics is me”

Politics “dominates everything…because in the end, everything…lives or dies by politics”

“I’m so smart I don’t need to go to school”

Creating organizations: Nobody does it better than conservatives

Week 6: How we fail on the issues without outreach…

The necessary Republican and conservative communications revolution

Too few Illinoisans understand the true nature of the state employee pension mess

Health care: Republicans and conservatives can’t win on policy if they don’t engage in the fight

School reform is a no-brainer…except when it comes to outreach

Tax simplification is wildly popular — so why didn’t the GOP get it done when they held power?

Week 7: Quality and innovation, fear and backbone…

 The Microsoft v. Apple battle parallels liberals v. conservatives

The private sector sees improvements in products and services, why can’t politics?

Why are most Republican Party elected officials afraid of their shadow?

Here is how to give GOP elected officials some backbone

Week 8: Optimism: Why it’s worth the fight…

Our Sure Victory

“Ideologies rise and fall…the weaker the foundations…the more quickly the fall will come”

8 Reasons The Republican Party Has A Bright Future

John Adams and Thomas Jefferson were optimists — and they were smarter than you

America 3.0: The Coming Reinvention of America

“There is no defeat in his heart”

How Obamacare Accomplishes The Unthinkable

George Washington: “We should never despair…”

“We are not weak if we make a proper use of those means which the God of nature hath placed in our power”

Wow: Majority now says universal health care is not the federal government’s responsibility

Optimism in an Era of Growing Inequality and Economic Difficulty

The right kind of optimism: The Stockdale Paradox

7 Reasons To Be Optimistic About America’s Future

Optimism in the times that try men’s souls

Week 9: Citizenship, leadership, and the need for repetition…

Thirty years, a broken record, and forks in the road

Silence from the right instead of a dialog with 300 million Americans

Progressivism advances while the political right fiddles

Self government and a republic in name only

Counterinsurgency: An operations manual conservatives

Week 10: Review and conclusion…

HEY NANCY BOYS: Learn from Phyllis Schlafly about what’s possible

Phyllis Schlafly at the Iowa Faith & Freedom Coalition, November 9, 2013

Reading political minds and enduring frustration

We Live in a World of Lies

Post Scripts & Additional Thoughts…

Some questions for the losing team (that’s you, Republicans and conservatives)

Everything is going to be frustrating until our side gets into the information war

1. The Republican and conservative political industrial complex serves itself and continues to fail (needlessly)

2. The Republican and conservative political industrial complex needs to learn about mass communications

3. The Republican and conservative political industrial complex must change its focus if it wants to serve the nation

4. The Republican and conservative political industrial complex wastes a lot of money

5. The Republican and conservative political industrial complex needs to dedicate itself to the flow of information at the local level

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