Donald Trump’s Real Crime: Obstruction of Liberalism

“Obstruction of liberalism” — exactly. Here is Ron Ross writing at the American Spectator:

It’s become the most unforgivable hate crime.

As Democrats, the media, and the rest of the left flail from one Trump accusation to another, they have not yet admitted what their real problem with him actually is. The particulars of their complaints are not what bothers them most about the president. For example, it’s not obstruction of justice that offends them — what actually bothers them most is obstruction of liberalism. On that, he is guilty as charged.

Donald Trump poses a real and imminent threat to virtually everything liberals hold dear and much of everything that defines them. By doing so he has made their lives miserable.

It’s not just that Trump is obstructing liberalism, it’s that he’s doing it so efficiently and unconventionally. The list of Trump’s offenses is long and growing. Near the top is the near obliteration of Barack Obama’s legacy. Obama, his policies, and his administration were all cookie-cutter liberalism.

Fortunately, for conservatives, Obama was incompetent and lazy. He frittered away most of his eight years in office. His achievements were not robust. Most of them have not withstood Trump’s onslaught and that onslaught is not over. Erasing the Obama legacy is an enormous step backward for liberalism. It will be very difficult for liberalism to regain its momentum.

Liberal policies and goals are, in their minds, a birthright. Resistance to those policies is blasphemous and sacrilegious. They know that this is a fight for survival. Their fear and panic are understandable. Even their hate is understandable, but it is not excusable.

Liberals have never encountered anything like Trump. They can’t knock him off course. Countless times the Trump despisers have believed he was a goner for sure. We got him this time! It’s almost comical to watch. Nothing they do to stop him works as it’s supposed to. He doesn’t play by their rules. He makes liberals feel impotent. He is relentless; he has no reverse gear. His counter punches pack twice the wallop as the first punch. When criticized, he doubles down. No wonder they’re depressed.

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