Drawing a conservative road map: The Reagan model can help Trump make America great again

9/23/1982 President Reagan working alone on colonnade outside Oval Office

Here are Lewis Uhler and Peter Ferrara writing at the Washington Times:

Donald Trump is not Ronald Reagan, for whom we each worked and ardently supported because of his consistent, thoughtful, effective and eloquent conservatism. But Donald Trump is his own success story, and an American patriot committed to making America great again.

The Republican candidate’s competence will be demonstrated as he simply steeps himself in the issues and policies that will make thoughtful voters realize he is knowledgeable and on target. His tremendous success in business obviously confirms that he is very bright, a quick study and very discerning, so this will come naturally.

Fortunately, a policy “road map,” or Republican agenda, is currently being developed by Mr. Ryan and his House team — aided by many of us from outside think tanks, policy and grass-roots groups, including the National Tax Limitation Committee, Heartland Institute, American Legislative Exchange Council, Americans for Tax Reform and others. That consists of six working groups focused on the following issues:

• Reform taxes to stimulate rapid economic growth and job creation, with even lower rates than under Reagan (by restoring 4 percent economic growth — Reagan achieved 5 percent — our economy will double every 17 years).

• Grow America’s energy industry through deregulation, liberating the private sector to make America the world’s No. 1 producer of oil, natural gas and coal (reversing the Obama-Hillary genocide of mineworker jobs).

• Repeal and replace Obamacare with patient power, consumer choice, free-market competition medicine.

• Attack poverty and dependency by sending “safety net” programs back to the states with finite block grants and work requirements, as in the fabulously successful 1996 “Reagan-style” welfare reforms (making deep cuts in dependency and federal social spending).

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Image credit: The Reagan Library.