Ex-Gay Movement, Alive, Strong, and Moving Forward

IFI3From Linda Jernigan:

It is the opinion of some that the ex-gay movement is dead or near death following the cowardly retreat of Exodus International. I am here to declare emphatically that nothing could be further from the truth. Ex-homosexuals are more focused and more determined than ever to ensure our message is transmitted globally to the ears and hearts of homosexuals everywhere.

Many have concluded that because many homosexual transformations include setbacks (as virtually all change from sin to rejection of sin does), they should all be viewed as utterly fallacious. I disagree.

There are ex-homosexuals, including me, whom God has freed from the bondage of homosexuality, and we have remained free of this sexual sin since our conversion. There is a concerted effort to suppress our testimonies in hopes that we will go away. But we will not go away until every person who desires to be free of homosexuality knows there is a way of escape. The way is Jesus the Christ. He is The Way, The Truth, and the Life (John 14:6).

The homosexual community would love for everyone to believe that homosexuality is the one thing in all of life’s experiences that has absolutely no exit. How ridiculous.

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