Fathers Matter: Dads Are Not Optional to Child Well-Being

Heritage2From the Heritage Foundation:

Recent social commentary has heralded men’s supposedly diminished role in American society and families. One piece went so far as to proclaim the “end of men.” But as Mark Twain might say, reports of the death of men have been greatly exaggerated.

As Father’s Day 2011 approaches, it’s a good time to reconsider the evidence as to why. Decades of academic research show that the father’s role in the family has a powerful and long-term impact on the future of the next generation.

In terms of economic well-being, children who grow up in homes where both parents are present are 82 percent less likely to live in poverty. Intact families tend to fare better in a wide range of economic measures; on average they have a higher net worth, higher income, more household assets, and greater savings.

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