Fight For Marriage Like There’s No Tomorrow

IFI2From Laurie Higgins:

The Left, energized by feckless Republicans wheedling conservatives to set aside those pesky social issues, is poised to make a run at marriage again this week in Springfield. It’s time to retrieve our creaky spines from storage and return them to their proper places, holding our gelatinous bodies upright. We must exceed the fervor and tenacity of those who seek to pervert marriage and rob children of their birthrights. Don’t allow homosexual demagogues and bullies cow you into submission through lies and name-calling. Stand for truth and children’s rights even if doing so is costly.

Republican State Representative Ed Sullivan from Mundelein just announced his support for same-sex “marriage,” presumptuously explaining that ”because my mother-in-law is gay, I have more of an understanding and familiarity with same-sex couples.” Clearly, however, he has virtually no understanding of what marriage by nature is or why the government is involved.

Sunday morning on Fox 32 Sunday, House Minority Leader Tom Cross said ”I think you’re going to see 3 or 4 Republicans…probably be supporting [same-sex ‘marriage’].

Chicago Tribune columnist Eric Zorn fulminating against conservatives again reveals the Left’s profound ignorance of marriage and the reason for the government’s involvement in marriage. He exposes his ignorance through his baseless comparison of homosexuality to race and his equally foolish assertion that “opponents [of legalized same-sex ‘marriage’]…rage incoherently about tradition, biology and scriptural condemnation of sodomy.” (It’s curious that Zorn dismisses biology without even an attempt at defending his dismissal. Why are reasons emerging from biology, that is to say, hard science, less legitimate than reasons emerging from the ever-fluid world of social science that the Left relies on even when it’s bad social science?)

Zorn, and other “progressives” would be well-served by studying the important book What is Marriage? Man and Woman: A Defense by Ryan T. Anderson, Sherif Girgis, and Princeton Law Professor Robert George. It may surprise the self-righteous Zorn to learn that they don’t rage, their arguments are non-religious, and they’re coherent.

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