Fighting the Real Foe

In Bruce Walker’s above titled post, the key word is fighting. Here are the opening paragraphs of the piece, where Walker explains things Republicans and conservatives should have known since at least the 1980s:

The CNBC Republican debate, particularly the candid expressions of disgust by many of the Republican contenders at the blatant bigotry of the panel toward Republicans, brings home the real enemy of conservatives and genuine reform in America. That foe, of course, is the Leftist Establishment, which infests the media and operates in restraint of trade by colluding with notional “competitors” by presenting an identical ideological and partisan product.

Sock puppets like Obama, Hillary, Reid, Pelosi, and Biden are transparently dumb and ignorant, like all the straw bosses of leftism, and these folks instinctively grasp that without the vast army of largely invisible leftist cadres, these folks would lose power forever. Until conservatives publicly identify the real foe and then directly attack that real foe, nothing will change, and conservatives will become increasingly frustrated and depressed.

The acid test of the conservatism of any prospective Republican nominees ought to be their willingness to unify in common cause against this real foe, this vast and unaccountable Leftist Establishment. In the area of presidential debates, here is a fairly simple and direct answer: until Democrats have debates with conservatives querying Democrat candidates, Republicans should not have leftists querying Republican candidates. There are many excellent conservative analysts who are actually seeking the best Republican nominee and who could ask serious and intelligent questions not designed to hurt or to help a particular candidate.

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Image credit: Cartoon by A.F. Branco.