Find Out How Much Obamacare Rates Increased in Your State

Do you want to bet this is an under-reported story? Want to also bet that Republicans and conservatives will fail to reach enough people with these facts? Here’s Natalie Johnson writing at The Daily Signal:

Premiums under the Affordable Care Act will rise in nearly every state this year, spiking health insurance costs for nearly all Americans, according to a new report.

All states, with the exception of Mississippi, saw the cost of health insurance premiums increase for 2016. And in most states, Americans using Obamacare’s individual marketplace to purchase insurance saw premium costs rise by double digits.

Freedom Partners, a nonprofit organization advocating free markets and limited government, reported that four states—Minnesota, Alaska, Tennessee, and Hawaii—will be hit with average premium increases of 30 percent or more. Another 17 states will see spikes of at least 20 percent.

Nathan Nascimento, the group’s senior policy adviser, said a “sicker risk pool” coupled with Obamacare’s “onerous and crushing mandates” caused the across-the-board hikes.

“In many states, insurers are finding increased costs and burdensome mandates under the law to be unsustainable, and are exiting the marketplace altogether,” Nascimento told The Daily Signal, adding:

Others are facing a variety of harmful side effects of Obamacare, with young, healthy people opting out of coverage or finding their plans unaffordable and dropping out before the end of the year.

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