Fiscal Conservative and Pro-Family Candidate for Governor Jeanne Ives Needs Your Help Gathering Signatures

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Taxpayer funded abortion. A sanctuary state. Government mandating that pro-life medical professionals provide patients with pro-abortion information. Government prohibiting counseling for unwanted same-sex attraction. $16 billion in unpaid bills. A still-unreformed pension system that is hundreds of billions in the red. Three more unconstitutionally imbalanced budgets.

And that is just the start. Four years ago candidate Bruce Rauner ran for governor as a “fiscal conservative” who had “no social agenda.” Now we know he lied.

He recently announced that he’s running for reelection — and we know from his prior campaigns that he will spend tens of millions of his own dollars running ads making promises about how he’s going to “turn Illinois around.”

Now that we’ve seen how he fails to lead, why should we believe him this time?

Republican State Representative Jeanne Ives (R-Wheaton), West Point graduate, married mother of five, has announced that she is challenging Rauner in the March Republican primary. She is a genuine fiscal conservative and her pro-family credentials are solid.

Here is what Rep. Tom Morrison (R-Palatine) had to say about Ives:

Illinois needs a leader who will fearlessly fight for Illinois families and fiscal responsibility. Jeanne understands why Illinois suffers from fiscal and moral bankruptcy, and she passionately articulates the kind of solutions we need to thrive as a state. As an ally of hers in the Illinois House of Representatives I can attest to her character, work ethic, and skillful handling of the issues that matter most.

Laurie Higgins, a name familiar to Illinois Family Action readers, has expressed enthusiasm about Ives’ campaign:

Far too many in the GOP both nationally and here in Illinois are abandoning what are dismissively called the “social issues”—issues that are, in reality, issues essential to the health of any state or country. Illinois desperately needs a conservative at the helm who is committed to the entire Republican platform, which includes the “social issues.” Illinoisans desperately need a person who possesses not merely knowledge but also wisdom, integrity, and courage. Jeanne Ives is just such a person. Conservatives who have been longing and praying for leaders committed to truth must support Jeanne Ives with their time and money. Such a candidate is increasingly rare, particularly in Illinois.

IFA’s executive director David E. Smith had this to say:

There is no question about it, Jeanne Ives is an across-the-board conservative who has proven record of speaking out for taxpayers and responsible government. While some Republican legislators shrink back from taking on politically correct issues, Rep. Ives has been a bold voice for common sense, family values and the sanctity of life. She has contends for budget policies that foster an environment in Illinois that will help families and businesses thrive. In short, Rep. Ives stands out with a proven record of threatening the status quo in Springfield. We couldn’t ask for a better candidate for governor in Illinois.

Jeanne Ives needs your help to get on the March ballot.

Please download a copy of her petition here and both help spread the word about her candidacy while gathering signatures to ensure that she gets on the ballot.

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