Fox Poll Reveals Disturbing Truth: Democrats Are Lying About Collusion Because Lies Work

Someday Republicans and conservatives will learn that Democratic Party lies work because Republicans and conservatives don’t know how to fight the information war — here is Joe diGenova:

Even after Special Counsel Robert Mueller definitively debunked the conspiracy theory that the Trump Campaign colluded with Russia to steal the 2016 election, the Democrats are still managing to deceive people into believing their lies.

According to a new Fox News poll, roughly 50 percent of voters now believe in the collusion hoax, an increase of 6 percent compared to surveys conducted right before the Mueller Report was released.

How is that possible?

There’s just one explanation for this counterintuitive result: for all their whining about “fake news” and a “post-truth” society, Democrats and the media are still targeting low-information voters with the most widespread misinformation campaign in modern American political history.

Liberal politicians and journalists quickly became personally vested in the collusion story once Hillary Clinton’s team settled on the fantasy as their preferred excuse for losing an election that Democrats almost universally assumed she would win in a landslide.

At this point, they have extraordinary incentives to keep the deception going, even though an exhaustive investigation by their own champion, Robert Mueller, found no way to substantiate it.

Democrat politicians need to keep the shadow of scandal hanging over the Trump administration. Rachel Maddow and other liberal commentators spent years lying to their viewers about secret evidence of collusion. They can’t very well change their tune now. They’re in too deep.

As they’ve learned, the replacement “obstruction of justice” narrative simply doesn’t cut it. The Mueller Report’s bizarre, laundry list approach of detailing every instance in which the President might have obstructed while declining to state that he actually did so was a clear effort to give congressional Democrats ammunition.

But even with that ammo, they still need the collusion lie, because without it the Mueller Report’s entire digression on “obstruction” reveals nothing more than a president who was justifiably angry about a lawless investigation into a crime that never happened.

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