German homeschooling family should have pretended to be gay

LifeSiteNews2A great point from Stefano Gennarini at LifeSiteNews:

The AP reports on a U.S. Apeals Court decision to leave a family of homeschoolers at the mercy of the German government, even though the court found that the U.S. Constitution forbids the state from prohibiting homeschooling. The family faces impossible fines and losing custody of their children if they are returned to Germany.They should have just pretended to be gay. Had the family been a homosexual couple they would have probably qualified for asylum.

The U.S. government routinely grants asylum to LGBT persons, citing a 1951 UN treaty that is binding on the U.S. government. Under the treaty, states cannot return individuals persecuted because of their membership in a particular group to their origin country.

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