Great News from East Aurora High School

An update from IFI:

Thursday evening, ABC News reported that the East Aurora High School Board of Education had already decided to rescind the misguided policy on gender confusion that it had adopted on Monday evening. The board is scheduled to meet on Friday afternoon to have the formal vote. Let’s hope and pray that the board is able to stand firm even in the face of opposition by liberal activists who are planning to attend the board meeting.

[…]My original article was not about teens who suffer from gender confusion, which is a rare but serious disorder for which we should all feel compassion and sympathy. Rather, my article was about the feckless decision of the school board, which according to ABC News was responding to a proposal “introduced by the district assistant superintendent of education, Christine Erd, who thought it was important to implement guidelines to address when addressing transgender students and their needs.” The school board president told ABC News that the board was inundated with emails and phone calls from parents and that “Every one of those parents was upset that we put this policy forward.”

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