Hard times in the Church of Global Warming

Editor’s note: Rush Limbaugh referred to something meteorologist Dr. Roy Spencer of the University Alabama at Huntsville said. Here’s Rush:

[Dr. Roy Spencer] is a noted expert on climate change… He has his own website, weather, abnormalities, normalcies, what have you, there are several published papers by noted academics who do not follow the line of the state that have analyzed lake-bottom sentiments in Florida, and here is a quote.

“It is instructive to note…” And I will translate this for you. Don’t sweat it. “It is instructive to note that over the past century and a half,” that’s 150 years, “of ever-increasing fossil usage and atmospheric CO2 buildup,” which is what they claim is causing everything. Climate change, global warming, all of it is because your SUV added CO2 and all of that. After 150 years “of ever-increasing fossil fuel utilization,” the industrialized development of the country, “the frequency of the most intense category of hurricanes in the Northeastern Gulf of Mexico has been lower than it was over the” past 5,000 years.

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