Have Americans Lost Their Minds?

An excerpt from a recent post by Fritz Pfister:

But there is hope. The youth in America seems to be catching on. From my 27 year old son who works in D.C. after Bernanke’s FMOC speech:

News update from NYT on my phone seems counter-intuitive: “Fed More Optimistic About Economy, Maintains Bond Buying”. What real news update should have been: “Fed Admits Futility of Central Planning, Has No Idea How to Take Drug Addict Off Drug; But What the Hell, Why Not, We Have to do SOMETHING!”

Yes America there is hope. When the youth of America begins to realize the farcical media and misleading central planners in the government are not honest brokers of information the tide may turn away from the appealing progressive propaganda which is nothing more than an assault upon our economy, and Constitution.

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