What the heck is wrong with Joe Biden?

American Thinker’s Thomas Lifson has a two-part post up about our nutty Vice President Joe Biden — here’s an excerpt from both to get you to follow the links and view the videos — I’ve only embedded one of the videos below:

What the heck is wrong with Joe Biden? (part 1)

Ever since Joe Biden was selected by Barrack Obama as his running mate, the expression “one heartbeat away…” has been relegated to the mainstream media’s memory hole. Maybe it is the slender, healthful figure of the POTUS that has relegated consideration of Biden as the holder of the nuclear codes to obscurity. But I suspect that the obvious, visible, disturbing buffoonery of the man has something to do with it. Were Biden a Republican, we would hear no end of the peril of having a true weirdo potentially holding the fate of the world in his hands. In point of fact, it would be exactly like the warnings the media constantly broadcast about Donald Trump being scary.

So how weird is Biden?

Well, certain kinds of behavior with the female of the species are thought to indicate serious trouble with the brain wiring. Inappropriate touching, for instance. Especially of female children.

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What the heck is wrong with Joe Biden? (part 2)

Apparently there are some missing circuits in Joe Biden’s brain.  Normally a garrulous fellow, Joe doesn’t respect certain taboos.

In the second disturbing incident of the day yesterday, during a campaign rally, Biden pointed out the man who accompanies him carrying the nuclear codes, in case the president is disabled and the nation must retaliate.  Ironically, as he exposed the man holding the nation’s most sensitive secrets to the crowd, the TV audience, and ISIS, he was trying to make the point that Donald Trump is a person too irresponsible to be entrusted with the codes he just made vulnerable to attack.

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