Homos behaving badly: Bullying and hissy fits

One of the best ways to make people think that something which is a disordering of the sexual impulse isn’t a disordering is to bombard culture with so much depravity that no matter how perverse something is, it’s now common.

Here’s self-labeled lesbian Tammy Bruce from her book “The Death of Right and Wrong“:

“Welcome to a culture where right and wrong have taken such a beating they’re no longer recognizable. If you think this debasement of our culture can never really affect you, think again. Today’s moral relativism and selfish agendas are moving through the body of society like a cancer, putting all of us at risk.”

It’s everywhere on purpose – but even Tammy Bruce sees excess:

“Now, as a gay woman, I’ve always taken offense at the idea that I should be ‘proud’ of my sexuality. I’m proud to be an American, I’m proud to be contributing something to society, but my sexuality, like yours, is a private matter not meant for so-called pride or public display.”

There’s no longer a divide between what’s an appropriate private v. public display. I know I’m not alone in my thinking that there is something mentally wrong with people who want to politicize their sex life. Oh, and Tammy Bruce agrees (emphasis added):

“From where does this madness spring? Why this compulsion to change our society’s culture to mirror the Left Elite’s own worldview? This pattern of the Left Elite’s projecting their issues onto society isn’t as odd as you may think. It makes perfect sense, according to the most respected psychoanalysts of our age. Childhood trauma, stress disorders, and the resulting malignant narcissism all play a part in the Left’s victim mentality and in their effort, mostly subconscious, to shape our world to mirror their own damaged psyches.”

I’ve noted this before – one of the most important tools of the “Left Elite” (as Bruce calls them) is the constant use of “special-interest group rhetoric”:

“The Left has had to restrict individual freedom of thought and deed in order to destroy the concept of judgment and undermine notions of right and wrong that have been held nearly universally for millennia.”

Unfortunately for them, not all of us are unconscious of their strategy. Even worse for them, we’ll never fall for their lies and deception. One great example of all of this is the recent flurry of articles about “bullying” in schools. The crazy homos have, on cue, attempted to use this issue to serve their purpose of creating a society where there are no standards of decency.

What follows are a few links and excerpts revealing this latest strategy, and for good measure, included in it is the story about a big hissy fit thrown by one of the political left’s biggest drama queens (Dan Savage, who is also one of Barack Obama’s favorite people).

By Laurie Higgins

The New Illinois Bullying Amendment Exposed

IFI readers, please, whether you have children in schools or not, take seriously the assault on the minds and consciences of students, and take action against the newly amended and completely unnecessary anti-bullying bill: HB 5290.

IFI has requested that a provision be added that would guarantee students and school employees the right to opt out of any programs or activities that promote ideas that conflict with their personal or religious beliefs. If such a provision were added, IFI has agreed to adopt a neutral position on the bill, but so far the bill’s sponsors and the ACLU have steadfastly refused to add an opt-out provision.

* * * * *

By Matt Barber

Dan Savage: ‘Tolerant’ Bully

They used to arrest middle-aged perverts who get their jollies from talking dirty to children. Today, they get a television show, a nationally syndicated column, a lecture circuit and multiple visits to the Obama White House.

You know: “Forward.”

The irony is palpable. Dan Savage, sex columnist and founder of the LGBT anti-bullying “It Gets Better” campaign, has been outed. Not as a homosexual. He’s out and proud in that regard. In fact, Savage pushes his “anything goes” brand of sexual anarchy on kids worldwide. MTV has even given the sex-obsessed radical his own show, “Savage U” – a moral-relativist platform from which to corrupt the kiddos.

Creepy stuff.

No, Savage has finally managed to publicly discredit himself as the anti-Christian bigot and bully he’s always been. Never again will this guy be taken seriously as an anti-bullying crusader.

* * * * *

By Michael Brown

Dan Savage Savages the Bible, Christianity and the Pope (Part I)

Dan Savage Savages the Bible, Christianity, and the Pope (Part II)

* * * * *

By Mary Beth Hicks

When Bullying For the Gay Agenda is OK

I hate to say I told you so, but … well … I did.

In my book, “Don’t Let the Kids Drink the Kool-Aid,” I posited that radicals within the gay lobby are using the important issue of bullying to indoctrinate America’s children with leftist dogma about homosexuality.

They have chosen an issue with which no one could possibly disagree — that bullying is a horrible, hurtful epidemic among young people — to implicate religion (specifically, fundamentalist Christianity) as a root cause of homophobic, aggressive behavior.

It’s all part and parcel of the movement to secularize our society while at the same time, remove, once and for all, any moral boundaries to human sexuality. Central to this goal is undermining the role of parents and churches to impart moral values.

[…] Bullying is a moral issue; that much is true. But not an issue of sexual morality. Unfortunately, those in the gay lobby are deftly using it to undermine what parents and pastors may rightly teach the children in their care.

* * * * *

By Peter LaBarbera

AFTAH’s LaBarbera ‘Bullied,’ Kicked out of Dan Savage Speech at Elmhurst College

The lies from the homosexual activist movement keep coming, and naturally Americans For Truth is a target of them because we’re helping to peel away the “rainbow” veneer to show the ugly reality of homosexual activism.

On Sunday evening (April 29, 2012), I attended the Dan Savage speech at Elmhurst College with Grace Gospel Fellowship pastor John Kirkwood and a few other hardy Christians. (The chapel was packed, mostly with Savage supporters, many of them students.) What ensued was shocking, unless you are familiar with the hard-cored homosexual activism. Needless to say, Savage gave the type of profane, Christianity-bashing speech for which he has become notorious — in a chapel, no less.

I was prepared for the foul-mouthed, anti-Christian barbs (e.g., “What the pope is saying [regarding the threat of “gay marriage”] is that the only thing that stands between my [d**k] and Brad Pitt’s mouth is a piece of paper”…), but not for what happened next: after I asked Savage a critical question in the Q&A (about his nasty hate-site, “Santorum[dot]com”), I was kicked out of the event by Elmhurst College security. This happened after the woman sitting next to me committed an act that can fairly be described as the sort of thing that, well… that a bully would do. Read on after the jump in this version of a note I sent to pro-family leaders explaining the incident.

* * * * *

Video: Attacked by “Tolerance”

How same-sex “marriage” advocates use violence against traditional marriage supporters.

In this newly released video, volunteers with the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property (TFP) describe how they were violently assaulted by pro-homosexual “marriage” advocates while promoting traditional marriage on college campuses and in the public square.

“That empty slogan about tolerance comes crashing down after you see how TFP volunteers were criminally assaulted by same-sex ‘marriage’ advocates,” said TFP Student Action Director John Ritchie. “The video speaks for itself. They don’t tolerate God’s marriage. In fact, our volunteers have been bullied, pepper sprayed, hit with glass bottles, sprayed with pesticide, punched, and spit on for peacefully stating that marriage is what it is — the union between one man and one woman.”

“When you watch same-sex ‘marriage’ activists destroy your signs, desecrate the Bible, blaspheme, and burn your literature, it becomes clear that the homosexual agenda is not really about tolerance,” Ritchie said. “It’s about the formation of a strange dictatorship — a dictatorship of pseudo-tolerance and make-believe equality — where freedom of speech is only allowed if it advances sinful lifestyles; where God, family values and public morality are off limits and targeted for destruction.”

“We’re witnessing a moral revolution,” continued Ritchie, “and sometimes I wonder: Will the aggressive attempt to redefine God’s marriage lead to a new religious persecution?”

Ah, tolerance. It’s so wonderful.