How Republicans Can Capture The Youth Vote In 30 Seconds

Here is the CQH staff writing about Republican congressional candidate Marilinda Garcia, who just won the GOP primary in New Hampshire’s 2nd Congressional District:

Garcia is, on paper at least, the Republican establishment’s ideal candidate for Congress. Young, attractive, with a Hispanic surname and a degree from Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government, she has served as a New Hampshire state representative since 2007. She also plays and teaches the harp, and, at 31, Marilinda Garcia is one of the youngest Congressional candidates in the country.

But paper is pretty much the only place where Marilinda Garcia and the GOP establishment cross paths because she is campaigning as a conservative, not as a “more of the same” establishment Republican.

Garcia says that taxpayer distrust in government has led to a need for a “new generation of conservative leaders to challenge the status quo.”

Here are two write-ups on Garcia and the ad:

How Republicans Can Capture The Youth Vote In 30 Seconds

In new ad, GOP millennial candidate says Congress needs a ‘new generation of conservative leaders’