How to Defuse Donald Trump

Steve Deace makes several great points in a recent post — here’s an excerpt (with emphasis added):

Newsflash for Team GOP: Nobody currently backing Mr. Trump cares about what disgusting things he says about John McCain’s war record or Megyn Kelly’s menstrual cycle. In fact, they take your pleas for heightened levels of politeness from Mr. Trump as a sign of weakness. They don’t believe you have the chutzpah to do what must be done.

This, Team GOP, is how you defuse Mr. Trump. Yes, I know you’re not in this to advance conservative causes but most of your voters are. Wait, “who are these voters you speak of” you ask. Why it is they, Team GOP, and not your K Street pimps who put you in office.

As I wrote previously for The Washington Times, you can only defuse John Brown with an Abraham Lincoln. He was someone who also presented a paradigm shift but without Brown’s collateral damage. Make no mistake, Mr. Trump is the John Brown of the GOP Civil War, and this Civil War isn’t going to stop until it runs its course. The GOP has simply betrayed too many people too deeply for them to turn back now. The peasants will have their revolt come hell, high water or Mr. Trump’s potty mouth.

Ironically, the only way to save the GOP is to elevate a candidate it doesn’t want. Someone principled who is a loyal Republican but still represents an existential threat to its current feckless, failing leadership.

One more from Deace:

Many people want a third party, and they’ll only stop wanting one if we actually offer them a second party for once.

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