Illinois Republicans’ incompetence brought about this tax increase

This latest tax hike in Springfield is nothing more than organized political theft. The only reason Democrats run this state and are able to pull off such a heist is because for too long Illinois Republicans have failed to clean up their own party, take good advice, recruit competent people, and stand by principle.

The fact that all our General Assembly Republicans voted against the tax increase isn’t good enough – as this column has been saying all along. As elected legislators they have a responsibility that goes far beyond casting roll call votes in the Capitol Building.

I can count on one hand the names of GOP legislators who understand how both caucuses have failed, and the Illinois Republican Party along with it. Our GOP State Central Committee continues to be dominated by individuals whose priority isn’t in line with voters who support Republican Party principles. It’s doubtful that many of these party bosses even know what those principles are.

After eight years of minority status there is still no comprehensive governing vision emanating from Republicans in Springfield. For longer than that, the Illinois GOP has chosen a failed path to the point where we couldn’t even win here during a big Republican year nationally.

Democrats do what Democrats do. Yes, they’re responsible for the economic hit Illinois is about to take. But the only reason Democrats are in charge is because our so-called leaders continue to fail to communicate effectively with the citizens of this state.

Until they learn how to stand on principle and disseminate a message, nothing is going to improve. Instead, things will only continue to get worse.

Memo to tea partiers – it’s time for a hostile takeover of the Illinois GOP.